Is Towing A Car With A Tow Strap Illegal In Phoenix

Is Towing A Car With A Tow Strap Illegal In Phoenix

Towing a car isn’t as easy as it’s mentioned. The activity may endanger the lives of many road users if not conducted in the right way. As such, many states have put laws governing the exercise.

With some opting to do towing by themselves while others go for professional towing services, either serve the purpose.

Most professional towing services adhere to the laws as a failure that will lead to the law catching up with them. The biggest challenge is those who decide to do towing services by themselves. These individuals are, at times, using tow straps that are not fit for use.

Freeway Tow

As such, Phoenix has come up with laws that determine the legality of the exercise. The state has banned the use of rope or chain bow straps. This is in conjunction with the faultiness of these materials. Rope tow straps cannot handle weight to a certain limit and thus can break beyond certain limits.

Breakages mean risks to road users, and hence use of rope tow straps is prohibited by the law. Chain tow straps are banned too as the flexibility of this material is limited, causing breakages if a bend happens.

The two materials are thus illegal in the making of tow straps as the results of either is hazardous to the lives of many motorists and road users.


Freeway towing service are thus recommended as they use the right equipment. Polyester or nylon tow straps fitted with end loops used to attach to the vehicle are recommended. They are appropriate are safe for those towing the cars as well as other road users.

Why then get into the wrong side of the law when you have this guide? Use it to get leads on how to tow your vehicle while in Phoenix without doing it illegally.

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How Do I Take Care Of My Health After 35

Young Woman Cooling Off On Stairs After Hard Work Out

People in their 20s mostly are all about adventures and getting to identify who they are. They don’t pay much attention to their health, especially what they eat. But, ones you hit the age of 30 plus, reality begins to sink regarding the need to be cautious of how you live and what to do.

At this age, people stop believing in “YOLO” and start to focus most, especially regarding their health. Well, you can still retain that young and nourished body even when you hit the age of after 35. How?

Ways to take care of your health after 35.

Find a good diet.


At the age of 20, most people can eat anything, mainly fast foods. But above the age of 35, a lot of changes occur in the body. You are not as energized as you were in the 20s, and thus, one needs to invest in a healthy diet. So, seek help from a nutritionist regarding the best diet to embark on. Also, let the diet be comprised of healthy foods that you genuinely like.


Working out is one of the vital tactics in maintaining a healthy body. There are so many workout routines available that can be done even at home. Remember one-way to succeed in exercising is by enjoying it.

So, choose the workouts that you enjoy doing. For example, if running is not your cup of tea, you can supplement it with stairs climbing or running on the treadmill. navigate to this site to see some of the workouts you can do at home.



Water is crucial for both the internal and external parts of the body. If you want to maintain that glow on your skin, you had while in the 20s, you need to take as much water as possible. As the saying goes, water is life, so you need it daily.


Life begins in the late 30s, and this is the time to take care of your health. So, eating healthy, working out, and getting sleep should be your priorities apart from working hard. Also, take care of your skin by investing in quality skincare products. Go for medical check-ups often and above all that, lead a happy and stress-free life to avoid depression.

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Can Running Slow Be Beneficial


Have you been taking slow runs and now wondering if they are actually beneficial to you? First of all, what is a slow run? A slow run is simply a running at a pace that takes you half or double the time of a fast runner to cover a particular distance.

Slow running can easily be compared with a pace at which you can comfortably converse with your running partner or someone over the phone with little or no difficulty.

Slow running is particular adopted by people who are trying to take up regular running from a long period of being dormant. Moreover, it is also a normal practice for almost all professional runners.

So, how does running slowly benefit them? go to this site

1. Trains the respiratory, muscular and cardio system.

When you run, your muscles, respiratory system, and the heart are stressed. You heart has to pump blood fast, muscles must contract & expand fast to enable the pace, while your respiratory system has to bring in fresh air and emit carbon dioxide.


By running fast, you strain all this body processes and that is what results in collapsing in many runners. To make sure that your body is strong enough to handle any pace, you should always begin by running slow, till you are certain that your body processes are running smoothly.

2. Encourages efficient running form.

When you begin your running at a conversation-friendly pace, you have higher chances of going far. This is because you are using up the energy in your body sparingly enabling it to be strong enough to endure for a long time.

If you start running at a fast pace, chances are that you will end up getting exhausted and not able to move go far than the person who is controlling their pace.

3. Helps ligaments, joints, bones, and tendons to adapt to running.

When running, the bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments enable the movement. If these parts of your body are not strong, running fast will only cause injuries. It is therefore advisable to run slow, till all these body parts are strong enough to absorb the stress of running.


In short, running slow is very beneficial to the human body. However, you have to understand that, if you are running to keep fit, you might want to consider running slow for a longer distance than the person who is running fast.

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