5 Tips For Carrying a Gun While Backpacking

When going outdoors for activities such as hiking or camping, you may feel the need to carry a gun for protection. However, carrying a gun is a sensitive matter and you may be wondering how to go about it. Well, below are 5 invaluable tips on how to carry a gun while backpacking.

  1. Acquire any Necessary Permits.

In most states and countries, you are required to have several permits to allow you carry a gun. There may also be recommendations on the type of firearms deemed suitable to carry. For example, some states recommend that you carry a long gun to protect you self from bears.

Acquiring the required permits will prevent you from getting on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Research on the Area You Will be Visiting

The laws governing the area you will be going to will determine the type of gun to carry and how you shall pack it. Apart from the federal laws, find out how people normally carry guns in the area you are going to. For instance, in some areas, people may freak out if they see you with a gun hence concealing it maybe the best choice. In such a case you may opt for a smaller gun or make use of shoulder holster.

  1. Choose the Right Gun

When backpacking it can be tempting to carry a gun that is lighter and smaller, but mostly, these have less stopping power. The activities you intend to do, and whether you want to protect yourself from animals or people, shall dictate the type of gun you carry. If going hunting, one with a higher stopping power is more ideal.

Generally, it is advisable to check the gun manufacturer’s recommended utilities of the gun and match it to your intended purpose, when selecting a suitable gun.

  1. Mind Your Comfort

Ensure that the manner you choose to carry your gun shall not cause discomfort when outdoors. Carrying a gun in a holster maybe perfect when in the car or office but it can be quite uncomfortable when hiking. If you are going to be taking long walks out in the rough country, a fanny pack designed like a holster or a backpack gun holder would be ideal. Alternatively, you can carry your gun strong side hip holster but it should be comfortable. Click here to check out the best holsters available in the market currently. https://www.authoritysafes.com/best-1911-shoulder-holsters/

  1. The Gun Should Be Quickly Accessible

The whole point of carrying a gun is to protect you when need be. For this reason, it should be at all times within your reach regardless of how you chose to carry it. If you are not able to carry your gun everywhere you go, it is wise to carry alternative protection means such as a pepper spray.