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  • What I Learned from My Brother

    06-17-13 --  Written by Will Coker, Tualatin Valley Fire Fighters Union Local 1660 My brother Kenny is one heck of man.  As kids, he supported me, protected me (and sometimes tormented me).  Kenny is also a gay, black man. Since he came … Read More >

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  • The Advent of Women

    02-26-13 -- By Bob Oliver, FIRE 20/20 Board President     The advent of women firefighters marshaled changes that the minority firefighter never found an acceptable masculine platform to launch.  Minority firefighters found that the request for civility in our treatment was … Read More >

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  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing…What??

    09-03-12 --   by Odessa Kawai, FIRE 20/20   People who are deaf or hard of hearing are a silent minority.   FIRE 20/20 spoke to Karen Philo from the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center in Seattle, WA. Karen, a hard of … Read More >

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  • A Preview of Partnering For Prevention&#153

    08-07-12 -- By Carol Remz, Ph.D. essay writing services Want to learn how to more effectively address the different fire prevention and safety needs of your increasingly diverse customers despite severe budget constraints? In September, FIRE 20/20 in partnership with Fire Engineering … Read More >

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  • Tip Sheet: Blind Spots Around Diversity and How to Avoid Them

    05-17-11 -- We all have blind spots, both physically and metaphorically, that prevent us from seeing the full picture. This applies not only to individuals but also to organizations. Only when we recognize that we have them and identify what they are … Read More >

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