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  • Leaving an Inspired Legacy – A Conversation with Chief Amesqua

    12-13-11 -- write my assignment By Michèle Carbery Fire Chief Debra Amesqua 's 28 year career is an example of inspired leadership. While maintaining a vision founded upon care and compassion, she has forged new paths of innovative opportunities in the fire … Read More >

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  • Reflecting on 2011

    12-12-11 -- By Larry Sagen The end of the year is a time of reflection for me and for FIRE 20/20. One of our guiding principles is continuous learning. I find myself asking, “What new lessons did we learn that we can … Read More >

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  • Serving Our American Indian and Alaska Native Clients

    11-14-11 -- By Deborah L. Flowers Ph.D, RN Deborah L. Flowers is a professor and program coordinator at the ECU at Southeastern Oklahoma State University Department of Nursing—Durant, Oklahoma Because of the increasingly multicultural society within the United States, emergency responders can … Read More >

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  • Julio with his daughter

    Increasing Prevention in Multicultural Communities

    09-19-11 -- [This article was contributed by Rachel Myers.] essay writers In June, FIRE 20/20 was awarded a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to develop a national online training program called Partnering For Prevention. We are developing the program in partnership with … Read More >

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  • Ties that bind

    Ties that bind the community: stamping out domestic abuse one purple wrist band at a time

    08-12-11 -- This story originally ran in The Province, on July 19, 2011. By Jennifer Saltman.   Raj Sidhu’s purple-knotted bracelet means that he’s standing up against domestic abuse.   So do the ones on the wrists of RCMP Assistant Commissioner Fraser MacRae, … Read More >

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