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  • Language is more than a voice

    03-29-13 --  By Odessa Kawai and Kami Higa how to get your ex back Cross-cultural communication is a daily part of my life. My family consists of many different cultures; Hawaiian, Chinese, Okinawan, Portuguese, Puerto Rican and Apache Indian. The person I … Read More >

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  • A Preview of Partnering For Prevention&#153

    08-07-12 -- By Carol Remz, Ph.D. essay writing services Want to learn how to more effectively address the different fire prevention and safety needs of your increasingly diverse customers despite severe budget constraints? In September, FIRE 20/20 in partnership with Fire Engineering … Read More >

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  • Reflecting on 2011

    12-12-11 -- By Larry Sagen The end of the year is a time of reflection for me and for FIRE 20/20. One of our guiding principles is continuous learning. I find myself asking, “What new lessons did we learn that we can … Read More >

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  • Tip Sheet: Interacting with Tribal Members and Native American Communities

    11-14-11 -- custom essay writing services Perhaps no other groups of people in our country have quite the rich history and culture as our indigenous populations. With customs and traditions as varied as the many lands they inhabit, there are communication nuances … Read More >

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  • Video: ’9/11 Happened to Us All’

    08-12-11 -- A moving public service announcement from C.A.I.R, a national civil rights and advocacy organization. Muslim 9/11 first responders discuss their experiences and challenge anti-Islamic sentiment.    

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