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  • Building A Case for an Inclusive and Diverse Volunteer Fire Service Part 2

    06-18-14 -- Written by Fire Chief jona olsson (A version of the article was originally published in the Fire Chief Magazine )     Welcome to Part Two in our Four-Part series on building a fire service which is both inclusive and … Read More >

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  • Alphabet Soup

    06-17-14 --     Written by: Robert Oliver, FIRE 20/20 President   “LGBTQI – AJFCA – NAACP – NAAFA – LPA –IFCJ – ADA – NAAAP – NAASIN”   Each month FIRE 20/20 scans the monthly calendars seeking to insure the observance … Read More >

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  • Benefits of Women Webinar Materials Page

    04-17-14 --     Follow the links below to download notes, materials and a recording of the Benefits of Women: Perspectives from Male Fire Service Leaders Webinar.     Benefits of Women Recording Link Many conversations about women in the fire service … Read More >

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  • A Woman’s Perspective: Roxanne Bercik’s Story

    03-14-14 --  By: Miguel Lopez, FIRE 20/20   As part of Women’s History Month, we would like to share a story of a woman who has progressed through the ranks of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) for over 29 years to … Read More >

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  • Fire Chief Kara Kalkbrenner: A Model of Leadership

    03-14-14 -- By Robert Oliver, FIRE 20/20 Board President and Retired Deputy Fire Chief at Phoenix Fire Department   Kara Kalkbrenner has been a Phoenix fire fighter since 1985.  Today, she serves as the Acting Fire Chief for the City of Phoenix. … Read More >

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