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  • Alphabet Soup

    06-17-14 --     Written by: Robert Oliver, FIRE 20/20 President   “LGBTQI – AJFCA – NAACP – NAAFA – LPA –IFCJ – ADA – NAAAP – NAASIN”   Each month FIRE 20/20 scans the monthly calendars seeking to insure the observance … Read More >

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  • A Fire Station Ally

    06-17-13 -- By Brett Dunckel, Broward Sheriff's Office, Department of Fire Rescue “Straight but not narrow.” was a quote I once read on a protest sign at a rally against the National Organization for Marriage.  NOM had set out that summer on … Read More >

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  • What I Learned from My Brother

    06-17-13 --  Written by Will Coker, Tualatin Valley Fire Fighters Union Local 1660 My brother Kenny is one heck of man.  As kids, he supported me, protected me (and sometimes tormented me).  Kenny is also a gay, black man. Since he came … Read More >

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  • TIP SHEET: Strategies For Managing Transition

    06-12-12 --     When confronted with an employee who plans to transition from one sex to the other, employers have reacted in a wide variety of ways, some of which have worked better than others. Where transition has been smoothest, the … Read More >

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  • LGBT Recruitment Myths

    06-12-12 -- By Firefighter Brett Dunckel adobe cs6 trial download Active recruitment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals in the fire service is virtually unheard of.  It is like planning a big steak dinner at your busiest station and actually … Read More >

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