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  • The Leader as Teacher

    08-11-11 -- Great leaders and great teachers share many of the same attributes: competence, compassion, purpose, patience, a commitment to learning, discovery, excellence and the fulfillment of human potential; their communication promotes understanding. Can a great leader and a great teacher be … Read More >

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  • Chief Mario Molina

    Interview with Chief Mario Molina: The Importance of Engaging with Our Multicultural Communities

    01-05-11 -- Irving, Texas, Fire Chief Mario Molina is no stranger to cultural differences. Born in Mexico and bilingual, Chief Molina was raised in a diverse Chicago neighborhood, among members of many different multicultural communities. When he joined the Irving Fire Department … Read More >

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  • Exemplifying the Unique Female Qualities of Leadership

    04-16-10 -- Do you believe that there’s a difference between women leaders and men who lead? If you agree, there’s a growing body of research to support this point of view. The 2005 study published by the private consulting firm identified a … Read More >

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  • Alberto Olmos and Servant Leadership

    01-11-10 -- Alberto Olmos, President of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters and a Captain in the San Jose Fire Department, exemplifies servant leadership—listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, growth and building community. In 1970, Robert K. Greenleaf coined the … Read More >

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  • Focus on Leadership – Mark Carr

    11-18-09 -- Mark Carr came to New Britain, Connecticut in 2004 to become the city’s first new fire chief in 20 years. He also became the first and only minority officer in the department’s 190 year history. Mark began his career as … Read More >

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