Fire 2020

What We Do

Workshops, Customized Services, Research and Videos to Support Fire/EMS Departments

FIRE 20/20 offers workshops, customized services, research and videos to support Fire/EMS departments in recruiting and retaining a new generation of qualified, diverse, inclusive and safety-conscious firefighters.


Our work is supported by several generous sponsors, whose financial contributions enable us to provide these important educational opportunities.


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WICF Career and Volunteer Title

Why I Chose Fire™: Next Generation Videos

The Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation videos informs, inspires and motivates qualified, inclusive, diverse, and safety-conscious Generation Y, ages 15-25 to join the fire/emergency medical services.


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Dept. Services

We offer a range of customized services to reflect your department's region, community demographics, and culture.


Online Training

FIRE 20/20 offers online training that adapts to a busy fire and emergency personnel schedule in two of our online training series.


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FIRE 20/20’s Multicultural Health & Safety Research Report (MHSRP) looks at how rapidly changing demographics are impacting Fire/EMS and civilian safety.