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Multicultural Health and Safety Research Report

Our Ground-Breaking 2007 Report Looked at How the Country’s Changing Demographics are Impacting the Fire Service


How do our rapidly changing demographics impact Fire/EMS and civilian safety? FIRE 20/20’s Multicultural Health & Safety Research Report (MHSRP) presents an answer to that question based on a study conducted in Seattle, Milwaukee and Austin. MHSRP was funded by a Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety Grant with additional support from IAFC and LION.


What We Learned

FIRE 20/20's research identified cultural misunderstandings that have the potential for negatively affecting and potentially delaying fire and emergency services. These are:

  • Gender to gender issues

  • Religious values and practices

  • Child birthing practices

  • Cooking methods and use of fire

  • Cleanliness and modesty issues

  • Folk or non-traditional medical practices

To request to download the complete report, please contact us.

Multicultural Health and Safety Research Report

In April 2006, the Department of Homeland Security awarded FIRE 20/20 a Fire Prevention and Safety Research Grant to study the growing safety risks for Fire/EMS personnel and civilians in multicultural communities. As part of the Multicultural Health and Safety Research Project (MHSRP) grant, FIRE 20/20 conducted the first “Diversity by Rank” Survey of 108 US Metro departments.

Sixteen Metro fire departments expressed interest in participating in the research. The FIRE 20/20 research team developed a set of project site selection criteria and selected Seattle, Austin, and Milwaukee to participate in the case study. Calgary, Alberta served as an independently funded pilot study site during July and August, 2006. This provided researchers an opportunity to test and refine the data collection methodology and instrumentation.

The research team collected data from the three case study sites between September 2006 and February 2007. The resulting final report contains eight sections plus appendices, which are provided as a PDF. To obtain a downloadable copy of the Multicultural Health and Safety Research Report, contact us.