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Why I Chose Fire™: Next Generation Career Video

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Is your department, fire science program or Explorer/cadet program looking to attract the best of the best: the next generation of qualified, inclusive, diverse and safety-conscious firefighters and emergency responders who are compassionate, caring and committed to the well-being of your community and your citizens?



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The Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation CAREER video informs, inspires and motivates qualified, inclusive, diverse, and safety-conscious Generation Y, ages 15-25 to join the fire/emergency medical services.


Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation features inspirational interviews with diverse first responders about why they love firefighting and what inspired them to choose a career in the fire/EMS services. The videos articulates what potential career firefighters need to know to be successful today and in the future.


Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation  is easily integrated into your recruitment campaign: on your website, social media pages, on local cable access, and in presentations at schools at community events.


For information about a customized version for your department or organization please contact or call us at 360-627-8663.


The Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation videos were made possible by a grant from the MSFoundation_v1


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“These upbeat and contemporary videos are a great complement to our community engagemetn and face-to-face recruiting efforts in belping to build and sustain a 21st Century workforce for the Alexandria Fire Department”-Adam Thiel, Fire Chief Alexandria, VA

“I love the video because it gives individuals the opportunity to see someone like themselves in the role of firefighter.”“- Rosa Inchausti,Diversity Director City of Tempe, AZ

“The video is perfect for our local cable access channel, school media, Facebook, our website, and community presentations.” – Lt. Angela Hughes, Baltimore County Fire

“The video is on point. It gives the viewer insight to the fire service beyond just firefighting.”-Rudy Jackson, Fire Chief Ft. Worth, TX

“FIRE 20/20’s Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation assists Fire Chiefs like myself in reaching out within our neighborhoods and schools to open the doors to the fire service for these bright young people.”-Jim White, Fire Chief Winter Park, FL



Any career or combo fire department, fire science program, training academy, Explorer/cadet/summer fire camp program or nonprofit can request a copy of the CAREER Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation videos. One copy per department please. To receive a code for your website/social media pages and download link to burn up to two copies on DVD, please read and accept our Terms of Use Agreement and complete the contact and department information.


Request to Download the Why I Chose Fire™: Next Generation CAREER Video


For a small fee, FIRE 20/20 offers a customization package for Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation. For more information about pricing, specifications and the process, please contact us.

Overview of Customization:

-A custom, bilingual web page with department logo, contact information, and a link to your online job application form or another page of your choosing.

-A custom 20-30 second video opening from your chief or other influential member of your department or community. 

-A custom 15-20 second video closing and call to action from a diverse member of your department or influential member of your community. 

-A download link that you can provide to your local cable access channel to download your custom video for broadcast.

-Two custom DVDs to show to schools, job fairs, community events, etc.

-A Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation graphic for your department or city webpage that links to your custom webpage and video.

-FIRE 20/20′s Diversity Recruitment Tip Sheet to help your department effectively integrate the video and webpage into your recruitment campaign.

-Draft script for opening and closing which you are welcome to use, edit, or disregard.