Things To Consider Before Starting Photography Career As A Beginner


Photography involves taking quick snapshots or it can become a hobby which gives you an opportunity to express yourself. For a beginner who is just starting out in photography, there are some things he/she should considered.

Some of the things to know before starting a photography career include; what type of camera do you need, what sort of photos you would like to take and what your budget is.

Choosing the Right Camera

There are plenty of cameras to choose from the market today and it can be hard to decide which the right choice is for you. If you’re mainly interested in taking snapshots, then you should pick a point and click style camera.

 Career As A Beginner

If you’re interested in more advanced photography or want to be able to switch lens you would want to look into a DSLR camera. You should look for a minimum of 8 megapixels. Once you have narrowed down the type of camera you want, read product reviews to decide which model best suits your needs.

Play with the Settings

A lot of new photographers are intimidated by all the options that a digital camera presents. Play with them, push the buttons and figure out what it does. You will not “break” the camera, at worst if you can’t figure out how to return to the default settings you can just pull the batteries out.

What seems daunting to the novice is the main advantage of digital photography. Digital cameras, and photo editing software, allow even the most inexperienced photographer to create masterpieces. You can seamlessly switch from black and white to color photography. You can instantly review photos and discard pictures that you don’t like. This gives you a lot of freedom to learn how to take photographs.

Play with the Settings

Once you have begun to understand how your camera works, get out and take pictures. Take your camera with you and snap at anything that catches your attention. As with anything, practice will make you better. And remember to have fun with it.

Photo Composition Basics

Try to avoid keeping your subjects centered. This creates a dull picture. Instead try to imagine a tic-tac-toe board over the scene and aim so that the subject is slightly off-center.

Doing this gives your composition a sleeker appearance and draws the viewer’s eyes into your image.

Tips on how to take sharp photos for photography for beginners

• If you haven’t already, get yourself a tripod. Certainly, if you are taking landscapes, you will almost certainly be using slow shutter speeds (mainly because the really good light occurs at dawn and dusk). In case you are serious about thegame, you want the best you can afford. Make sure you get a ballhead attachment for it too, as it will give you ultimate control when the camera’s on the tripod

• Even though a tripod will eliminate nearly all your camera shake problems, when you place your finger on the shutter, you’re re-introducing some shudder. So you need to do one of two things. Get a shutter release cable – this plugs into your camera and allows you to depress the shutter ‘off-camera’. Or simply use your camera’s self-timer option – set it to either 5 or 10 seconds, stand back, and let the camera do its stuff

• What can you do to improve hand-held shots? One trick is to switch your camera to continuous shooting mode and burst off a quick series of photos. This give you multiple opportunities to get at least one super sharp shot. This works well in low-light situations, by the way

• If you’re in good light, make sure your ISO is low (100,200) to ensure you don’t get ‘noise’ in your image. You can also switch your camera to shutter priority and pick a fast speed to reduce the effect of camera shake. For example, if you are using a zoom lens pushed to the far end of it’s 200mm limit, try shooting at 1/200 second.

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10 Most Famous Photographers You Need To Know

Female photographer

If you have decided to start the journey of photography and you would like to be a professional photographer you have to start by knowing some of the famous photographers and study their work as well.

The list of photography experts is quite long some of the photography professionals are deceased and others are still alive and continue to impress the world with their photographic work. Below is a list of some of most famous photographers of the world.

1. Ansel Adams.

Adams is one of the most recognized photography expert whose landscapes are more than just attractive, He achieved his fame and popularity through his high creative level of darkroom photography work. You are beginner in photography work and you would like to be an expert too in future then consider reading the work of Adams and how he made it to be an expert.

Ansel Adams

2. Yousuf Karsh.

If you like photographs that tell a story and by viewing a photo you already have to understand the topic and much more information in the picture then consider reviewing the work of Karsh. He understood that behind every human being there was a secret behind it and of which he made all possible effort to expose it.

If you would like to know how to capture photos that tell a story they you have to go through the work of Karsh.

3. Robert Capa.

Robert Capa is known for taking war photographs in times of war, he has captured many photographs for over five wars field. The difference between Capa and other war photographers is that for Capa he took his photos at a closer distance making it look more natural while other shot their picture at a safe range.

4. Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Carter is a unique professional in the fact that he has some very attractive photos despite him taking black and white pictures. He is known to be the first photographer to use 35mm film.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

5. Dorothea Lange.

Dorothea is known for taking photos during sad times and the moments of great depression. Dorothea is known for the picture she captured the internment camps in Japan which shows sad moments in the history of the U.S.

6. Jerry Uelsman.

Jerry is famous as he never used a digital camera as he believed his knowledge in composite photos was the best and most appropriate for darkroom photography.

7. Annie Leibovitz.

Annie gained her popularity due to her quality photographic portraits and also due to her two popular magazines that is Vanity Fair and the Rolling Stone.

8. Brassai.

Brassai is known for his firm belief that you don’t have to go too far to find good people to take a photograph with. He, therefore, used ordinary people and still produced beautiful pictures.


9. Brian Duffy.

Brian was well known for taking fashion photographs between the year 1960 – 1970. His work was high quality that it is still recognized.

10. Jay Maisel.

Jay is a modern professional photographer whose work looks stunning but straightforward. He doesn’t use complex lighting, and his shot looks simple. Above is a list of ten photography experts but does not mean this are the only professionals, the list is quite long and you can have time to research on others to learn more.

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How To Find A Good Business Litigation Attorney


Any type of civil lawsuit can cause tremendous amount of stress. Such a situation can become more aggravated if your business is involved driving you to seek the help of an attorney. Good litigation lawyers are available in different places and are always ready to help.

However, you may encounter some fraudsters who may not have the experience and skills to help your case. Availability of reputable firms make it easier to find good attorney so you have to know the qualities of a good attorney as well as good litigation firms.


Different areas of law practice require different level of skills. Most lawyers are good at specific areas of practice so you have to insist that the


attorney representing you has experience in business litigation. This is the only way you can be sure that they’ll defend you well by arguing your case properly. The same way you cannot get a tax attorney to represent you in an injury case is the same way you cannot get any other lawyer apart from a business attorney to handle your case.


Most lawyers are liars which is a good thing since it works for them and helps their cases. However, if your lawyer cannot be honest with you it can cause serious trouble. Look for an attorney who has a reputation of being honest with their clients. A good reputation also helps in commanding respect. Attorneys who mostly lie to win their cases never get respect anywhere they go including courtroom. Make reputation an important factor when searching.

Track record

Any attorney who has lost more cases than they’ve won will most likely lose your case as well. Most firms such as the Business Litigation and Trial Attorneys – KNPA will make winning cases a priority which is a factor that contributes to the greatness of their attorneys.


The amount of money you’ll be required to pay at the end of litigation also matters. There’s no point of getting a litigation attorney who will bring down your business when the case is over.

Get a rough draft of what the fees will cost and factor in all the possibilities then choose a lawyer you can afford. Some of the bills you need to consider include the hourly fee, the flat rate fee, and any other that the lawyer will tell you about.


Communication isn’t just about talking but also listening. This is most important when it comes to a litigator since it’s the only way they’ll be able to hear your case.


Listening keenly and asking questions in between for clarification will help boot the understanding between the two of you and how your case is represented. Look for a litigator who has amazing communication skills and don’t be afraid to test them before hiring.


There are many other qualities that a good litigation attorney should have such as high level of education and how they treat their clients. While these may apply to individual attorneys, they are also a reflection of their firms. A firm with a good reputation will have good lawyers. Do your research online and ask around for recommendations. You can also talk to some of the previous clients’ for honest feedback.

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How Scholarship Programs Help Students


Going to college is really important for your future. Not only will a good education help you land a good job, but it will also add value to your life. Getting a degree will help you earn more money over the years.

College can be expensive and finding a way to pay for it can be difficult. Each year students around the country struggle to pay their tuition. Getting a scholarship program is a great way to pay for college and today we are going to learn how one might benefit you.

The Ability To Focus On School

If you get one of these financial programs to pay for part or all of your college tuition you will have more time to focus on school. Having to work a job to pay for your tuition can take away from the time you spend studying.


Many students often have to repeat classes because they are simply too busy working. But if you can find a financial program that can help pay for your college, it will give you lots of time for school work.

More Time To Enjoy College Life

While there is nothing wrong with working your way through college, it will take up a lot of your time. Going to class and studying are important parts of college life but so is socializing.

All work and no play will start to ware you down and take away from your college experience. Having a financial program to help you pay for things can give you more time to make friends and socialize.

Less Stress On Your Parents

Let’s face, it paying for college is difficult and your parents have to work hard to see that you get your tuition paid. This can often cause your parents a lot of stress. While they want the best for their child there is only so much that they can do. Having some help paying for your college degree from a financial program can really take a load off your parents.

A Good Start In Life

If you graduate college with a lot of student loans chances are it will take you a very long time to pay them off. This can put a real burden on your life and can even affect your retirement. While many young people don’t realize how serious student loans are they often find themselves in financial trouble because of them.


Instead of having a lot of debt when you are just starting out in life, why not try to get a financial program? This can help pay your tuition and even give you money for living expenses while in college. Having financial freedom will make your life much easier.

These are just a few ways that financial programs can help. Remember that it takes hard work to be rewarded with a program so if you get one use it wisely. Having a college degree that is paid for is something that a lot of people never enjoy. So work hard and your future will be bright!

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How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Microphone at the speech podium

The ability to sell an idea, communicate a message, or Even create a vision in your audience mind is a vital Skill for someone who wants to have a lasting impression in the world.

Even more, in the digital age where animated GIFS and emoji’s are domineering, public speaking is still one of the most effective ways to inspire, persuade and move your audience. Therefore in this guide, we highlight some of the ways that can help you improve your public speaking skills.

1. Preparation is Vital

When preparing to deliver a public speech, ensure you spend more time putting your speech together. This will allow you to have a logical flow and make your speech more vibrant.


For inspirations, you can try watching other relatable famous keynote speakers or watch their videos. When all is set, practice saying your speech out loud until you feel comfortable with it.

2. Stage Presence

Respectable public speakers are enthusiastic, friendly, confident and energetic. Choosing a topic that you like is one of the key pillars in developing your confidence. Thus, energy will follow when you enjoy the topic and are well prepared.

If you feel your stage presence is lacking, view videos and clips for speakers whom you admire with an aim to emulate their style. In a nutshell, act self-confident until you feel confident.

3. Voice Control

Your voice is one of the most important assets you will ever use as a public speaker. You can improve the quality of your voice through diaphragmatic breathing instead of chest breathing. Breathing from your chest helps you make your voice fabulous. Besides, it helps in reducing the feeling breathlessness caused by speech anxiety.

4. Invest in your Audience

As you prepare your speech, think about what your audience would like to hear. Which problem are they seeking to solve? What type of hope do they have? Once this is done, try to give them something they want. Your audience needs to have a reason to listen to you.

Hence, in your opening notes, endeavor to relate to them, and focus on delivering not just your message, but also giving them a reason why they should and need to listen and know more about the subject.

5. Delivery

Delivery is everything when it comes to public speaking. Even if you are well groomed, have a great voice, perfect body language, your message will be lost if the audience cannot follow what you are saying. Below are some pro tips that can help you.

-Speak slowly and deliberately: This will allow your audience to follow along.

-Pause between ideas: It allows your audience time to digest what you are saying.

-Carefully pronounce and articulate your words.

-Avoid filler words like “ah” or “um”. Such words distract your audience.

-Vary the pitch and tone of your voice to add interest.

6. Start off your speech with a story

Starting off your speech with a story is a great way to get your speech going. It has the potential to initial interests, set your audience in mood, place and time. In every speech delivery, emotions are the touchstones to its success.

Hence, tug on a string of feelings and emotions to help get your audience invested early on. Moreover, wrapping your speech with an afterthought of the story is a nice way of bringing your audience experience in a full circle.

Woman Talking

Fear of public speaking is a normal experience. Nonetheless, if you have extreme anxieties while delivering a public speech, you may seek help from your doctor. While improving your public speaking skills is essential, it needs to be grounded on a solid framework to help you overcome your social anxieties.

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How to Make Money Recycling


Reduce; reuse and recycle have become common words in the society over the last few decades. Environmental specialists encourage these practices in an attempt to reduce the use of natural resources, save energy and reduce waste products. Luckily, this has helped the environment remain clean and not to mention, healthy. However, did you know that you could earn an extra coin by recycling your waste? Some of the items that you rush to put in your trash bucket could be worth a fortune when you decide to recycle them. Here are ideas through which you can make or save money through recycling.

Discover the Recycling Opportunities

After you set your mind to making more money through recycling products, the first step is determining the recycling center available near you. For instance, through the various recycling sites, you could check up the nearest recycling centers. These centers will give you the necessary insights such as the kind of material that you would recycle.



They will also give you detailed information on the materials that they recycle, the conditions that the materials must be in, and the compensation for each item that you give. Additionally, they will advise on the most profitable materials such as electronics and scrap metals. You could also earn a lot from aluminum cans and bottles when living in a particular state.

Be Creative, Organized and Started Recycling In Your Own Home

For you to maximize your earnings through recycling, you need to start organizing your home. For instance, you could design a system where you regularly clean the materials that you intend to recycle. Additionally, select an area in the house where you will store what you have collected and know when to cash it.

With an organized system of collecting, sorting and cleaning your materials, it will also be easy for you to come up with new ideas of how you would put the materials to use. This will not only help you earn or save an extra coin but also help your home remain free from junks and other materials.

Do Not Discard Any Item without Checking Whether You Can Recycle

More often than not, you tend to dump anything that you find useless as soon as you are done using it. However, with this method, you will end up throwing a lot of money in your bin.

For this reason, as soon as you are done using an item or container, it is essential to find out whether or not you could make money from it before terming it as trash. You will be surprised to see how much you can earn from everything that you considered waste. For instance, as a wine drinker, it is possible to use the corks from the wine bottles to make some money. Through simple research, you will find innumerable ways through which you can recycle what you termed as trash and put an extra coin in your pocket.

Preparing Items for Recycling

By liaising with your local collection point, you will understand how you need to prepare your items for collection. For instance, you may be required to rinse and bag bottles, remove bottle caps or sort out different materials. Ensure that you follow such instructions to the letter to help you save on time and earn a fortune.


Soon after using any container or any other item, you toss it in the trash without purposing to use them anymore. With a little more creativity and effort, you could divert the items out of waste and make some extra money. For you to achieve this, you need to have a systematic order or plan. Consider the tips above to see how you can make an extra coin by recycling what you consider waste in your home.

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Best Chargeback Prevention Solutions

what is a chargeback

Charge-backs are preventable which is a big win for merchants or retailers. A full-proof charge-back management system should include disputing and decreasing. With such precautions to mitigate charge-backs, merchants or tradesmen can significantly decrease them. It is crucial that trades-persons such as retailers and merchants take the initiative to reduce future charge-backs and dispute illegitimately filed charge-backs which slip by unnoticed. Charge-backs for the better understanding of the concept, simply demands by card providers for retailers to make good on the loss by a fraudulent or illegitimate transaction. Similarly, in business, a charge-back is a policy that allocates the cost of an organisation’s central resources to the individuals which use them.

Financial Effects of Charge-backs

refundDeeming charge-backs as meager costs is a surety that they escalate the crisis. On average, tradesmen lose around 2 dollars per every fraud dollar. Essentially, this translates can to an estimated 100 dollars charge-back costing the trades-person 240 dollars. Merchants who do not take measures to ensure a reduction in charge-back cost suffers huge losses in the business’s long term growth. However, there are chargeback solutions both self-implemented that do not require professional assistance and professional solutions ;

Self-implemented solutions

It is advisable to use fraud detection tools with some highly recommended; card security codes, 3D secure and AVS. A trades-person can also improve customer service. To do this efficiently, they should, for example, replace IVR phone systems with all round time human support teams, display conspicuously their essential contact information and reply emails promptly while monitoring social media. Another self-implemented policy would be to be aware of and adhere to business best practices outline by card providers and cardholders.

Terms of service

Ideally, trades-persons could minimize the friction associated with recurring payments and this could be achieved by; making sure clients grasp the rates and changes, by clearly sharing the terms of service, fulfilling cancellation requests swiftly and completely, offering a no-strings-attached policy on the cancellation.

Shipping of Goods

One could also ensure that their clients know when goods are being shipped and when to expect delivery. Using delivery confirmation for huge purchases could also go a long way in ensuring charge-backs are greatly reduced. By also writing up detailed descriptions of the goods sold and employing easy to note billing descriptors, this greatly minimizes the risk of charge-backs.

Transaction Reviews

One could also perform manual reviews on transactions involving the sale of high-value products and services. This is easily achievable by perhaps recording IP addresses, emails of online clients while creating lists of both positive and negative transaction experience with these online clients.

Document Verification

For clients who do not present their cards during transactions, business owners could ask customers to provide the card’s verification codes on the actual credit card during the time of the transaction, and re-authorizing the card once more before shipping the purchases. On this note, business owners should ensure that both the billing addresses and shipping addresses on the card are similar. In the case that these two addresses are dissimilar, an internal policy guide may offer guidelines on when and how to ship to different addresses.

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How To Start A Business Online


If you are ready to take charge of your own successful destiny but do not have the capital to purchase a franchise or open a storefront, you should consider starting a business online. When you have a store online, you can easily reach millions of clients instead of having whoever happens to wander in. In addition, you will not have to pay for any retail space. Like with any other businesses, you will need a solid marketing plan and an excellent product as well.

Here is a general overview of the steps you need in order for you to build and grow your successful business online:

Find A Niche

nicheBefore starting any kind of online selling, make sure you find the right product with a great potential for serious profitability. Learning how to examine your own life and even research different niches to find any problems that could be solved should become part of you.

Evaluate Your Market Viability

Assuming now that you have come up with a good business idea, you need to dig deeper into knowing this product’s viability. Just think about the kind of details that could make or break the business, such as shipping weight and the number of SKUs.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

You also need to find out what is working, and what improvements can be made. Get information from your largest competitors. You will get to know more about how your brand can be defined, and how to position yourself in the market.

Conduct a Detailed market research

market-researchYou need to validate your product by use of tactics such as keywords research and evaluate the trending products.


Learn The Laws Of Online Business

There are several laws and restrictions that can make or break your online business. This may include zoning laws, shipping restrictions, and trademark issues. With this list, you ought to know what to do, in order to avoid e-commerce landmines that could derail your online business before it takes off.

You need to analyze your target market

target-marketThis is where you need to dig even deeper for you to understand the ideal shoppers. Who they may be, what their likes are, and how can you tailor your website experience and your products to be appealing to perfect shoppers?

Source your product

Since you now know your right product, who your clients are, and how to set-up your online business, It is now time to get the products physically. There are different ways through which you can source your products. Ensure to avoid common pitfalls at this stage.


  • Build your store.


All the other strategies do not matter if you do not have a store of e-commerce to sell your products, one which provides intuitive shopping experiences, and makes clients desire to come back. You can start from zero to a great online store in just a matter of minutes by using powerful e-commerce software such as spoiler alert.


  • You Need To Be Productive.


The difference between successful and operational is in the mastering of a man’s greatest nemesis, which is time. You need to get firsthand accounts from the successful entrepreneurs, who have been growing their online businesses.

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Internet Business Is The Art Of Predicting Your Immediate


Digital marketing started in 1993 with a simple form of online marketing. Today, digital marketing has changed in many different ways, including the search engines, social media platforms, Gmail overtaking major email platforms, YouTube multiplying in power of videos, LinkedIn changing prospecting in business, Google’s real-time, instant search results, and much more. In fact, digital marketing changes every year at a much-accelerated rate, and that’s why digital marketing professionals have to stay enrolled in the saying “digital marketing school,” to always stay informed about the greatest and latest advances in the art of online marketing.

Various practices of digital marketing have been placed to bring in the relevance for digital marketing success, which includes conducting frequent SEO audits, considering new keywords attribution models, leveraging the optimization conversion rate, and offering user-experience a fresh look to your site.

Are You Well Prepared To Leverage The Following Digital-Marketing Predictions?

Conduct a More Frequent SEO Strategy Update

SEO Strategy UpdateYou need to update your “SEO strategy” more often, probably after every quarter. This could sound a bit crazy, but consider this: “Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times a year”. If you fail to update your SEO strategy to reflect current updates, you may easily lose your tractions in the cycle of search engines, the ranking position of your keywords, and you will lose business gains as well. Three areas that need your immediate attention are voice search, semantic search, and unlinked mentions.

Start Implementing the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Software

The common uses of AI include collecting of data, helping drive decisions, and automating research. Companies like Netflix, Facebook and Amazon use it for providing better client experiences by showing relevant suggestions and content based on client data. Other technologies using AI include voice search, image recognition, and smart content. This idea in AI capabilities stimulates higher revenue generation and faster customer conversions. The main promise of AI is to personalize user experience on a consumer-by-consumer basis through combining client data with capabilities of AI, such as augmented reality and chatbots.

Design Your Website for Preferences of Users, Not Yours

Design-Your-WebsiteThe building of websites has been a practice, wherein companies create websites that suit their own preferences — from navigation to colors to content. This has often resulted in websites that do not fully engage their visitors or inspire them to return. When users fail to be well engaged, they will just move on. Currently, digital marketers need to rethink their approach. This will in some cases, just entail some tweaks additions to their current design. In others, it could mean a revamp or a wholesale takedown. In any case, you have to keep in mind the user experience points as you prepare to create a website that is, firstly, for your customers and prospects.

Digital marketing as it is has come a long way in the past several decades. Today, the pace of changes is at an accelerated speed, and marketers who often update their strategies in digital marketing to maintain pace will definitely outperform their rivals. That may, in fact, be the smartest strategy in digital marketing.

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