How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Microphone at the speech podium

The ability to sell an idea, communicate a message, or Even create a vision in your audience mind is a vital Skill for someone who wants to have a lasting impression in the world.

Even more, in the digital age where animated GIFS and emoji’s are domineering, public speaking is still one of the most effective ways to inspire, persuade and move your audience. Therefore in this guide, we highlight some of the ways that can help you improve your public speaking skills.

1. Preparation is Vital

When preparing to deliver a public speech, ensure you spend more time putting your speech together. This will allow you to have a logical flow and make your speech more vibrant.


For inspirations, you can try watching other relatable famous keynote speakers or watch their videos. When all is set, practice saying your speech out loud until you feel comfortable with it.

2. Stage Presence

Respectable public speakers are enthusiastic, friendly, confident and energetic. Choosing a topic that you like is one of the key pillars in developing your confidence. Thus, energy will follow when you enjoy the topic and are well prepared.

If you feel your stage presence is lacking, view videos and clips for speakers whom you admire with an aim to emulate their style. In a nutshell, act self-confident until you feel confident.

3. Voice Control

Your voice is one of the most important assets you will ever use as a public speaker. You can improve the quality of your voice through diaphragmatic breathing instead of chest breathing. Breathing from your chest helps you make your voice fabulous. Besides, it helps in reducing the feeling breathlessness caused by speech anxiety.

4. Invest in your Audience

As you prepare your speech, think about what your audience would like to hear. Which problem are they seeking to solve? What type of hope do they have? Once this is done, try to give them something they want. Your audience needs to have a reason to listen to you.

Hence, in your opening notes, endeavor to relate to them, and focus on delivering not just your message, but also giving them a reason why they should and need to listen and know more about the subject.

5. Delivery

Delivery is everything when it comes to public speaking. Even if you are well groomed, have a great voice, perfect body language, your message will be lost if the audience cannot follow what you are saying. Below are some pro tips that can help you.

-Speak slowly and deliberately: This will allow your audience to follow along.

-Pause between ideas: It allows your audience time to digest what you are saying.

-Carefully pronounce and articulate your words.

-Avoid filler words like “ah” or “um”. Such words distract your audience.

-Vary the pitch and tone of your voice to add interest.

6. Start off your speech with a story

Starting off your speech with a story is a great way to get your speech going. It has the potential to initial interests, set your audience in mood, place and time. In every speech delivery, emotions are the touchstones to its success.

Hence, tug on a string of feelings and emotions to help get your audience invested early on. Moreover, wrapping your speech with an afterthought of the story is a nice way of bringing your audience experience in a full circle.

Woman Talking

Fear of public speaking is a normal experience. Nonetheless, if you have extreme anxieties while delivering a public speech, you may seek help from your doctor. While improving your public speaking skills is essential, it needs to be grounded on a solid framework to help you overcome your social anxieties.

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