Fire 2020

About FIRE 20/20

Who We Are


FIRE 20/20 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2005. We offer fresh, targeted sponsorship opportunities to reach our extensive network of North American fire service leaders. We invite your participation to make a difference in the future of the fire service.

Our mission is to increase the reach and effectiveness of diversity recruitment and retention, prevention, emergency response and disaster planning and management in our country’s growing multicultural and high risk communities. We are committed to provide innovative, high quality, measurable programs to the fire service at little or no cost.



FIRE 20/20 is committed to the following values: High Performance Standards, Integrity, Equity, Inclusion, Respect, and Trust.

Larry Sagen

FIRE 20/20 Team

Executive Director Larry Sagen founded FIRE 20/20 in 2005. He has worked in marketing, community organizing, organizational development, and change management for 30 years.



Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of Fire/EMS and business leaders from around the country.They share a commitment to diversity and inclusion in both principle and action.


Advisory Panel Member Kelvin Cochran

Advisory Panel

We greatly appreciate the perspectives and straight-forward feedback that our diverse Advisory Panel provides.


Virtual Faculty Member Adam Thiel

Virtual Faculty

Central to the success of our workshops are the contributions of our Virtual Faculty. These respected Fire/EMS professionals share their experiences through video interviews.




We partner with media outlets, Fire/EMS associations, and other non-profits that share an investment in building a diverse new generation of fire and EMS personnel.